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Eye to AI: MR image analysis of glioma using machine learning

Author : Sebastian van der Voort
Promotor(s) : Prof. M. Smits / Prof.dr. W.J. Niessen en S. Klein
University : Erasmus University
Year of publication : 2021
Link to repository : Link to thesis


In my research, I looked at the use of artificial intelligence to predict the aggressiveness of brain tumors based on MRI scans. Normally, the aggressiveness of these tumors is determined with an analysis of a piece of tumor tissue that has been obtained through surgery. However, this operation is not without risk and the patient has to wait some time for the operation and in the meantime is in uncertainty about the continuation of the treatment. My research showed that artificial intelligence is able to predict the aggressiveness of the tumor based on the MRI scans alone. In some cases, the artificial intelligence did this even better than the doctors. By using artificial intelligence, the number of operations can be reduced in the future and the patient can already have more certainty about the course of the treatment immediately after the MRI scan.

eye to ai