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The ASCI office is located at the Delft University of Technology campus.  It is easily accessible by bicycle, public transport and car. The numbers of buildings can help you find your way around the campus. Make sure you remember the name and building number of your destination.

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Job announcement at TU Delft / Associate Professor in Machine Learning

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Delft University of Technology is looking for an Associate Professor in Machine Learning.

Job description

Machine learning is a driving force behind many AI developments that are profoundly transforming our society. To optimally use this disruptive technology to solve major societal problems, we need to grasp AI learning at the most elementary level. We do, however, still have a partial understanding of the behaviour of machine learning methods and under what conditions learning is possible. For example, how do you generalize from small data sets, or how do you generalize to new settings and under which assumptions. Or, how do you continuously learn, learn to learn (meta-learning), or incorporate existing knowledge within machine learning models (like physics-informed machine learning, or graph-based models). You get inspired by these fundamental questions and have a drive to understand why learning is possible, and how data can most optimally be used. As an Associate Professor in Fundamental Machine Learning at TU Delft you will help us explore these foundational questions.

This position offers an exciting opportunity to contribute to innovative research and shape the future of machine learning. You will join our Computer Science department as part of the Pattern Recognition & Bioinformatics group, which has a long history of research in pattern recognition and machine learning. You will be part of a dynamic, collaborative and socially active academic team of 15 Principal Investigators and 50 PhD students dedicated to machine learning. With an inclusive mix of nationalities, perspectives, and backgrounds, we are united in the goal to understand and leverage AI for societal good in domains like healthcare, climate change, energy and food production, among others.

In this role, you will lead cutting-edge research initiatives, actively engage in interdisciplinary collaborations, publish your findings in top-tier academic journals and secure external funding to support your research endeavours. Furthermore, you will contribute to and shape machine learning education and mentor aspiring students, facilitating their growth and development in the field of machine learning.

More info can be found in the following url: