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The ASCI office is located at the Delft University of Technology campus.  It is easily accessible by bicycle, public transport and car. The numbers of buildings can help you find your way around the campus. Make sure you remember the name and building number of your destination.

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A30 Rings and Finite Fields in Modern Cryptography

Course content
Modern cryptography studies techniques to protect communication and computation against different forms of adversarial behavior. Implementing cryptographic schemes presents a challenging task, and requires a deep understanding of cryptographic schemes as well as the underlying mathematical structures. This course is focused on teaching a basic understanding on selected cryptographic applications and the underlying mathematics, with a focus on rings and finite fields. The course will explain selected topics from symmetric and public-key cryptography, as well as advanced cryptographic primitives, together with efficient implementation techniques for modern (distributed) systems combining CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs. We will further illustrate the need for ASICs in cryptography, and discuss the benefits and challenges of using such architectures.


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